Meet The Cast



An internet job search led Army veteran, Saff, to the G.W. Zoo and Joe Exotic. Not even a severe injury from an animal attack would keep him away for more than a few days from his dream job of working with large cats. Saff appeared in nearly every episode of the Netflix series.




After Texas native John Reinke had both legs amputated below the knee, he became the manager of G.W. Zoo and long time friend of Joe Exotic. John appeared in 7 episodes of Tiger King and it was apparent, to everyone who watched, that he was the glue that held G.W. Zoo together.



Joshua Dial was born and raised only a handful of miles from the G.W. Zoo and returned home to start his career after studying political science. He found himself running Joe Exotic’s gubernatorial campaign and an eye witness to a tragic event that plagued him with memories of his time at the zoo.



Barbara Fisher was born and raised in Ames, IA. At the age of 19, she chased her passion for big cats by going to work as a ‘full-time volunteer” for Doc Antle. From her own account, a topsy-turvy ride that lasted 8 years before meeting the man she would marry and ultimately deciding she needed to leave